Your question: Which football team has the highest average attendance?

Which football club has the highest average attendance?

While they remain the most successful Premier League team of all time, Manchester United has found success hard to come by in recent years.

Clubs of the English Premier League ranked by average attendance in the 2019/20 season.Average attendanceManchester United57,942Arsenal47,589Ещё 11 строк

Which stadium has the highest average attendance?

Check out the top 50 list below, thanks to Transfermarkt, with each club, their stadium and their average attendance across the 2019/20 campaign:

  1. 1 – Borussia Dortmund | Signal Iduna Park | 81.132.
  2. 2 – Bayern Munich | Allianz Arena | 75.000.
  3. 3 – Manchester United | Old Trafford | 72.569.

Which sport has the highest attendance?

National Football League

Which club has the highest number of fans?

Top 10 football clubs with the most fans worldwide

  1. Real Madrid – 225m. Getty Images. Twitter.
  2. Barcelona – 217m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
  3. Manchester United – 127.5m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
  4. Juventus – 83.8m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
  5. Chelsea – 82.2m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
  6. Liverpool – 72.5m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
  7. Bayern Munich – 70.9m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
  8. Arsenal – 70.2 m. Getty Images. Twitter. …
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Who has most football fans in the world?

1) Real Madrid

  • Total: 262.3 million.
  • Instagram: 91.2 million.
  • Facebook: 111 million.
  • Twitter: 34.8 million (Spanish), 11.6 million (English), 8.9 million (Arabic), 1 million (French), 381,000 (Japanese)
  • TikTok: 3.8 million.

What is the largest ever crowd to watch a women’s sporting event?

The record attendance for a women’s sports event is 90,185 at the 1999 women’s soccer World Cup final between the U.S. and China. After a scoreless draw, the U.S. won on penalties much to the delight of the huge crowd at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena.

What is the biggest league in the world?

English Premier League

What is the most attended sport in the US?

American football

Who is the richest woman athlete?

With total earnings of around $37.4 million, Osaka also broke the record for the most money ever earned by a female athlete in a year set by Maria Sharapova in 2015, when the Russian tennis player made $29.7 million.

What is the largest single day sporting event in the world?

Indy 500

Who is the richest club in world?

Barcelona have overtaken Real Madrid to become the world’s richest football club, according to Deloitte’s Football Money League. The Spanish champions saw revenue soar to €840.8m (£741.1m) last year – a record figure for any team and almost 10 per cent more than rivals Real Madrid, who are second.

Who is the biggest club in England?

Manchester United

Who has the strongest fandom in the world?