You asked: Who are the loudest NFL fans?

And with 76,400 seats, there are plenty of Kansas City Chiefs fans to generate that noise while Russell Wilson or Derek Carr are trying to bark out signals. Kansas City fans established a Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium be reaching 137.5 decibels during a game against the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 13, 2013.

Who has the loudest stadium in the NFL 2020?

Arrowhead Stadium – Kansas City Chiefs

Arrowhead Stadium holds the record for the loudest stadium having recorded a noise level of 142.2 decibels.

What are the top 5 loudest NFL stadiums?

Ranking The Loudest NFL Stadiums

  1. Centurylink Field (Seattle Seahawks)
  2. Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City Chiefs) …
  3. Mercedes Benz Superdome (New Orleans Saints) …
  4. Lambeau Field (Green Bay Packers) …
  5. State Farm Stadium (Arizona Cardinals) …
  6. Lucas Oil Stadium (Indianapolis Colts) …
  7. US Bank Stadium (Minnesota Vikings) …

Who are the loudest football fans?

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, no sports fans in the world are louder than Chiefs fans are at Arrowhead Stadium. Chiefs fans registered a record 142.2 decibels on Sept. 29, 2014, when the team hosted the Patriots in a Week 4 Monday Night Showdown that season.


Do the football players hear the fake crowd noise?

At least to start its 2020 season, the NFL is doing both. Those inside the stadium will hear a steady stream of fake crowd noise from the public address system, and those watching on TV will hear a different feed of fake crowd noise on the broadcast. … Below is the memo, obtained by NFL Media, in its entirety.

Which NFL team has the most loyal fans?


Which NFL owners own their stadium?

Some of the most iconic stadiums in the league aren’t owned by the teams that play there. The Dallas Cowboys play at AT&T Stadium, which is nicknamed “Jerry World” after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones. However, the stadium is owned by the city of Arlington and the Cowboys pay $2 million per season in rent.

Who has the worst stadium in the NFL?

Offensive Yards: The Worst NFL Stadiums Ranked

  • Bills Stadium, Buffalo Bills. …
  • TIAA Bank Field, Jacksonville Jaguars. …
  • Paul Brown Stadium, Cincinnati Bengals. …
  • Bank of America Stadium, Carolina Panthers. …
  • FedEx Field, Washington Football Team. …
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Who has the smallest stadium in the NFL?

With the opening of SoFi Stadium, the smallest NFL stadium is Soldier Field, home to the Chicago Bears.

Who has the loudest college football stadium?

University of Washington Huskies

Which team has loudest fans?

Kansas City fans established a Guinness World Record for the loudest stadium be reaching 137.5 decibels during a game against the Oakland Raiders on Oct. 13, 2013.

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What football team has the best fans?

And, unsurprisingly, fans in Dallas and Foxborough should be happy. Emory professor Michael Lewis ranked the Cowboys as the NFL’s top fan base, with the Patriots following at second, and the Eagles, Giants and Steelers rounding out the top five, in order.

What is the loudest noise ever?

The Krakatoa volcanic eruption: Not only did it cause serious damage to the island, the eruption of Krakatoa in 1883 created the loudest sound ever reported at 180 dB.

Which NFL teams will allow fans?

Tracking Which NFL Teams Will Allow FansTEAMSTADIUM ATTENDANCE PLANPhiladelphia EaglesAllowing a 7,500-person capacity as of Week 6Pittsburgh SteelersHosted approximately 5,000 fans in Week 5San Francisco 49ersNo fans until further noticeSeattle SeahawksNo fans for at least first three home gamesЕщё 28 строк

Is the NFL pumping in fan noise?

The separate audio of prerecorded crowd noise for use inside the stadium is to be played at a constant 70 decibels. “The purpose of the curated audio is to create an audio landscape (i.e., a baseline ‘murmur’) that masks some field-level audio typically not audible in a stadium with fans,” the NFL’s memo said.

Why does NFL use fake crowd?

To ensure fairness, the NFL’s rules for 2020 require a flat drone of recorded crowd noise to be played through the stadium’s PA speakers at 70 dB. The in-stadium noise doesn’t react to plays on the field — the reactions are only audible to those watching the broadcast at home.