You asked: When Can NFL games be flexed?

The league reserves the right to move the start times of Sunday games as long as it provides the affected teams and ticket-holding fans with reasonable notice. Flex scheduling will be used in Weeks 11-17. In Weeks 5-10, flex scheduling may be used in no more than two weeks.

What week can NFL flex games?


  • Begins Sunday of Week 5.
  • In effect during Weeks 5-17.
  • Up to 2 games may be flexed into Sunday Night between Weeks 5-10.
  • Only Sunday afternoon games are subject to being moved into the Sunday night window.

What NFL games get flexed?

Living down the hype: All 26 games that were flexed out of Sunday Night Football since 2006

  • Bears-Seahawks — Week 11, 2007. …
  • Buccaneers-49ers — Week 16, 2007. …
  • Chiefs-Jets — Week 17, 2007. …
  • Patriots-Seahawks — Week 14, 2008. …
  • Chargers-Buccaneers — Week 16, 2008. …
  • Dolphins-Patriots — Week 13, 2009. …
  • Chargers-Bengals — Week 16, 2010.

Can the NFL flex any game?

The NFL leaves the Sunday Night Football slot in Week 17 open every season, and flexes the most relevant game of the week into the window.

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What does it mean when a game is flexed?

New Word Suggestion. to play multiple roles in a computer game. You can also be a flex or a flex player.

Is there a Week 17 Sunday night game?

The NFL announced late Sunday that no game will be flexed to Sunday Night Football in Week 17, a sharp departure from previous years, when NBC would always get a game with playoff implications to close out the season.

How will a 17 game NFL schedule work?

Under the scheduling formula ratified unanimously by the owners Wednesday, the 17th game will be an out-of-conference game based on teams’ order of finish within their divisions the previous season. NFC teams and AFC teams are expected to alternate annually between having nine home games in a season vs.

Will Cowboys vs Eagles be flexed?

It was announced during halftime of the Eagles vs. Bears games tonight on NBC that the Birds’ game next Sunday against the Cowboys will be flexed to the prime time slot on Sunday Night Football. The game at Dallas next Sunday will determine which team wins the NFC East crown. The loser’s season is over.

Will the Ravens Steelers game be flexed?

The Ravens won’t have any playoff implications on the line in Week 17. The Steelers will be fighting for their playoff lives. Thus, Ravens-Steelers next Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium has been flexed to 4:25 p.m. The AFC North rivalry will be one of the nations’ featured games.

How many primetime games can an NFL team play?

Eight teams have five primetime games, including Bucs, Rams, Patriots – ProFootballTalk.7 мая 2020 г.

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How does NFL flex work?

The NFL introduced “flexible scheduling” in 2006 to make sure the best late-season matchups reach the largest audiences. This “flexing” involves moving a game from its scheduled Sunday afternoon slot on CBS or Fox to primetime and NBC’s “Sunday Night Football.”

Why was the Steelers game time changed?

The Steelers’ Week 10 game against the Cincinnati Bengals in Pittsburgh has been moved from 1 p.m. ET to 4:25 p.m. ET, the league announced Tuesday. … Earlier this season, Pittsburgh’s Week 4 game against Tennessee was moved to Week 7 following a COVID-19 outbreak among Titans players and staff.

What is flex position in football?

The ‘flex’ position is a position in a fantasy football lineup that accepts any position, including quarterback, wide receiver, etc. The flex position is simply an extra space in the lineup for anything that you want.

How many NFL games are played on a Sunday?

A quick and easy guide to SNF this season

NBC’s 2020 “Sunday Night Football” slate of 17 NFL games is set to feature appearances by 18 different teams (Week 17’s matchup is TBD). Three teams will play on Sunday night three times — Dallas, Green Bay and San Francisco.