What’s the best football team of all time?

What is the best football team statistically?

One of only two charter members of the NFL still in existence, the Chicago Bears have played the most games (1,384) and recorded both the most wins (777) and ties (42) in NFL regular season history, as of the end of the 2020 NFL season.

Playoffs.Rank1TeamNew England PatriotsGP58Won37Lost21Ещё 17 столбцов

Which is the greatest football club in the world?

Real Madrid

Which is the No 1 football team?

World Football / Soccer RankingsRkTeamRating1Brazil2.402France2.233Belgium2.224Spain2.17Ещё 116 строк

Who is the greatest football team of all time?

And be sure to vote in the poll to crown the greatest NFL team in history.

  1. 1985 Bears. …
  2. 1972 Dolphins. …
  3. 1962 Packers. …
  4. 1991 Redskins. …
  5. 1999 Rams. …
  6. 1989 49ers. …
  7. 1979 Steelers. …
  8. 1994 49ers.

Who is the best QB of all time?

Tom Brady hasn’t been able to do it. Peyton Manning couldn’t get it done, and he won five of those things. Aaron Rodgers has won two total. It’s consistency at its highest level.

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Who is the god of football?

Diego Maradona

Which footballer has more fans?

Soccer players with the most Facebook fans as of June 2020 (in millions)Facebook fans in millionsCristiano Ronaldo122.28Lionel Messi90.16Neymar Jr.59.86David Beckham51.69Ещё 6 строк

Which club has the highest fans in the world 2020?

Real Madrid

Who is the richest club in world?

Barcelona have overtaken Real Madrid to become the world’s richest football club, according to Deloitte’s Football Money League. The Spanish champions saw revenue soar to €840.8m (£741.1m) last year – a record figure for any team and almost 10 per cent more than rivals Real Madrid, who are second.

Who is the king of football right now?

Cristiano Ronaldo

Which country is famous for football?


Who invented football?

Walter Camp

Who won the most Super Bowls?

Kansas City Chiefs

Who has won the most Super Bowls?

Pittsburgh Steelers