What happened to the 1988 Dallas Carter football team?

Carter’s 1988 state title run was almost halted in district court as a battle raged between the Texas Education Agency and Carter over the eligibility of a player. … Six players from that team, a few of them stars, were sent to jail following a series of arrests for armed robbery.

Who did Permian lost to in 1988?


Is the movie Carter High Based on a true story?

This is based on the true story of the David W. Carter high school in Texas during the 1988-1989 season. They had won the state championship but had players that misbehaved too much even for Florida State.

What Dallas Carter lost?

What Carter Lost, directed by Adam Hootnick for ESPN Films’ 30 for 30 series, is the saga of that team, the 1988 Dallas Carter Cowboys. … Somehow, Carter managed to win it all on the field, and somehow, they threw it all away.

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Who won the Texas State Championship in 1988?

The Cowboys captured the city with their talent as they fought their way through the regular season and the playoffs. Carter met Converse Judson at Texas Stadium, winning the Class 5A Championship, 31-14, to capture the first title for the Dallas ISD since 1950.

Why was Carter High stripped of title 1988?

Carter was stripped of its championship after a court found that it had indeed violated the no-pass, no-play law. Everything changed. Now, a new movie chronicles the team’s against-all-odds rise — and its steep fall.

What is Mike Winchell doing now?

Mike Winchell

He currently works for an independent surveyor in Decatur, surveying houses and building sites.

Are the Carter High football players still in jail?

Campbell and Evans were the last Carter players released from prison.

How long did Carter High robbers serve?

Evans, 44, who in 1988 was talented enough to be considered one of the nation’s top high school defensive backs and flamboyant enough to sign his letter of intent while sitting in a hot tub in front of television cameras, served six years of a 20-year prison term for committing four armed robberies in the spring of …

Which Carter High players went to jail?

Derric Evans, Gary Edwards, Keith Campbell, Patrick Williams and Carlos Allen were all sentenced to serve time in prison.

When did Carter lose?

‘What Carter Lost’ is a reality check for a Texas high school football powerhouse. If you watched the 2004 movie Friday Night Lights, you might be familiar with the football team from Carter High School.

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Is Friday Night Lights a true story?

The 2004 film was based on a nonfiction book about the 1988 Permian Panthers football team by H. G. Bissinger. It starred Billy Bob Thornton as the team’s coach. … If you’re looking for two hours of entertainment, check out the movie version of Friday Night Lights.

Does Permian beat Carter?

Permian vs. Carter

The Carter-Permian game was played in front of 10,000 people in a heavy downpour at The University of Texas at Austin’s Memorial Stadium, not in front of 55,000 in the Astrodome in Houston. While the game in the movie was a high-scoring affair (34-28), the real score was 14-9 in favor of Carter.

Who has the most Texas state football championships?

Most UIL championships by schoolTeamTotalAledo10Richland Springs*9Celina8Katy**8Ещё 6 строк

What years did Odessa Permian win state?

Permian, which helped make Texas high school football famous when it was the subject of the book and movie Friday Night Lights, won its last state championship in 1991 by beating San Antonio Marshall 27-14 in the Class 5A Division II final.

Who won the Texas Texas 89 championship?