Quick Answer: Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2007?

Germany set a new tournament record by taking the world title without conceding a single goal in six matches, an achievement which owed much to the efficiency of a rearguard marshalled by goalkeeper Nadine Angerer.

Who won the football World Cup in 2007?


Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2020?

Qatar was appointed as the host for the 2019 and 2020 tournaments on 3 June 2019, serving as test events ahead of their hosting of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2008?

Manchester United Football Club

Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2009?


Who won the World Cup in 2006?

Italy national football team

Who won the FIFA Club World Cup 2006?


Who won most ICC World Cups?

England cricket team

Which country has never won the FIFA World Cup?

The Netherlands

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Which is the only team to play in every soccer tournament?


Who won the first World Cup?

Uruguay national football team

Why is the World Cup every 4 years?

It is held every four years because of tradition, logistics and prestige. Tradition – comes from the Olympic Games that were held every 4 years. An Olympiad is a period of 4 years from ancient Greek history. The World Cup is arranged every 4 years but not to compete with the Olympic Games because of this tradition.

Which country has won the World Cup the most?


Which player has the most World Cups?


Who won the World Cup in 2010?

Spain national football team

How many FIFA champion Italy won?

four titles