Question: What teams in the NFL have gone undefeated?

Apart from the 1972 Dolphins, three NFL teams have completed undefeated and untied regular seasons: the 1934 Chicago Bears, the 1942 Chicago Bears, and the 2007 New England Patriots.

Has any NFL team gone 16 0?

The New England Patriots (USA) scored a 16-0 record in 2007, becoming the first team in NFL history to achieve an undefeated regular season since the league went to a 16-game schedule in 1978.

What teams have gone 0 and 16 in the NFL?

While 10 teams have gone winless in the history of the NFL, only two — the 2008 Lions and 2017 Cleveland Browns — have gone 0-16.

Who is the only undefeated team in the NFL?

The 1972 Dolphins are the only NFL team to win the Super Bowl with a perfect season.

1972 Miami Dolphins seasonRecord14–0Division place1st AFC EastЕщё 6 строк

Who was the last undefeated NFL team?

Minnesota Vikings

What was the longest game in NFL history?

The NFL’s Longest Game

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The 1971 AFC Divisional Playoff Game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Miami Dolphins, played on Christmas day, was a seesaw battle of touchdowns and field goals that didn’t end until halfway through a second overtime period.

Who’s the worst team in NFL history?

8 or more gamesYearTeamLosses2017Cleveland Browns162008Detroit Lions161982Baltimore Colts81976Tampa Bay Buccaneers14Ещё 8 строк

Who was the worst team in the NFL 2020?

  • JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS. Offense: 31st. Defense: 30th. …
  • NEW YORK JETS. Offense: 30th. Defense: 31st. …
  • WASHINGTON FOOTBALL TEAM. Offense: 32nd. Defense: 24th. …
  • MIAMI DOLPHINS. Offense: 29th. Defense: 29th. …
  • NEW YORK GIANTS. Offense: 21st. …
  • CAROLINA PANTHERS. Offense: 23rd. …
  • LAS VEGAS RAIDERS. Offense: 13th. …
  • HOUSTON TEXANS. Offense: 20th.

Who’s got the worst record in the NFL this year?

The Cincinnati Bengals had the worst NFL regular season record in 2019 with only two wins and 14 losses, for an overall winning percentage of 0.125.

Where is Larry Csonka now?

Csonka and North to Alaska co-host Audrey Bradshaw currently live in Wasilla, Alaska. He also maintains a farm in Lisbon, Ohio, and operates Goodrich Seafood House in Oak Hill, Florida. Csonka currently appears in television commercials for the Alaska Spine Institute, an Anchorage-based physical rehabilitation center.

Who has the most Super Bowl ring?

Quarterback Tom Brady

Did Dan Marino ever win a Super Bowl?

Dan Marino

Marino played in one Super Bowl (XIX) and the Dolphins lost to the 49ers in 1985. … It didn’t do him any good as far as winning a Super Bowl.

How many teams are undefeated in the NFL 2020?


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Who has the best record in NFL?

List of all-time NFL win–loss records

  • Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers, who have recorded the highest overall win–loss record (. …
  • George Halas, founder of the Chicago Bears, who have recorded the most NFL regular season wins.
  • The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have the lowest win–loss percentage (.