Is Sam Mills in the NFL Hall of Fame?

Panthers legend Sam Mills is a finalist again for the Pro Football Hall of Fame, returning to the discussion for a second straight year. … Mills made his mark in the USFL, and became the heart of the Saints “Dome Patrol” defense before coming to the Panthers as one of their first free agent targets in 1995.

Did Sam Mills make the Hall of Fame?

Mills was one of the 25 semifinalists named for the Class of 2021 after preliminary voting by the Hall’s selection committee. … Making the final 15 was a significant step for Mills last year, in his 17th year of eligibility.

Are there any Carolina Panthers in the Hall of Fame?

Two Panthers have been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame: Reggie White, who played just one season (2000) for the team; and Kevin Greene, who played three seasons (1996, 1998, and 1999.)

What kind of cancer did Sam Mills have?

Mills, who was diagnosed with cancer of the small intestine in August 2003 but continued to coach Carolina’s linebackers between chemotherapy treatments, died at his home. “Sam was one of the finest people you will ever meet.

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What college did Sam Mills go to?

Государственный университет Монклер

When did Sam Mills die?

August 3, 2005

Is Sam Mills dead?

Deceased (1959–2005)

Who is the best player on the Panthers?

Christian McCaffrey

How many Carolina Panthers are in the Hall of Fame?

two Panthers

How many Hall of Famers do the Bills have?


Responsible for putting together the only NFL team to go to four consecutive Super Bowls. Brought six future Hall of Famers to Buffalo (Jim Kelly, James Lofton, Andre Reed, Bruce Smith, Thurman Thomas and Head Coach Marv Levy).