Has there ever been double overtime in the NFL?

There have only been six double overtime games in NFL postseason, the last being in Jan. 2013 when Joe Flacco and the Baltimore Ravens upset Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Has there ever been a double OT NFL game?

American football

Six National Football League playoff games have gone into double overtime, the longest being an AFC divisional playoff game on 25 December 1971. The Miami Dolphins defeated the Kansas City Chiefs 27–24 at 7:40 into double overtime (at 82:40 of total play, the longest game in NFL history).

Is there double overtime in NFL regular season?

Inevitably, with so many games so close, some will end with a tie score at the end of regulation. Since the NFL added an overtime period in 1974 to resolve preseason and regular season games that end regulation time with a tie score, 574 regular season games have been decided in overtime.

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What is the longest NFL overtime?

Longest Overtimes in NFL History22:40Miami Dolphins 27, Kansas City Chiefs 24 – Dec. 25, 197117:02Cleveland Browns 23, New York Jets 20 – Jan. 3, 198716:42Baltimore Ravens 38, Denver Broncos 35 – Jan. 12, 201315:43Oakland Raiders 37, Baltimore Colts 31 – Dec. 24, 1977Ещё 2 строки

What were the old NFL overtime rules?

Under the old rule, when the NFL awarded overtime victories to the first team to score, teams that won the coin toss also won 53.4% of regular and postseason overtime games. To reduce the advantage, the NFL changed the rule.

Can the Super Bowl be a tie?

Playoff games cannot end in a tie, and neither can the Super Bowl. After the opening possession, any score can still end the game, but if it goes scoreless through an entire overtime period, they will move into a second.

Do you kick the extra point in overtime?

At the end of regulation, a coin toss will determine which team gets the ball first in overtime. … Each team gets two timeouts. The extra point is not attempted if the game ends on a touchdown. If the score is tied at the end of overtime, the game ends in a tie.

How long is NFL overtime?

15 to 10 minutes

Can a team win by 7 in NFL overtime?

The most points possible for a team to score in overtime in the NFL is 9, and that would be somewhat unusual. It would mean that both teams initially scored field goals (3 points each) and then one team scored a touchdown (6 points and since it ends the game, no point after attempt). 7 if you get the ball 1st.

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What is it called when a ball carrier drops the ball?

fumble. ball carrier drops ball while in possession; ball becomes dead. kickoff. occurs on kicking team’s 35-yard line; receiving team 10 yards from kickoff line. touchdown.

What was the shortest NFL game?

How did this game compare to the shortest games in NFL history? Checking back to 1996, the shortest game recorded was 2:29, which the then-San Diego Chargers won 26-19 over the Indianapolis Colts.

Which NFL teams went undefeated?

LOOK: Every last undefeated NFL team since the 17-0 Miami Dolphins

  • 1973 — Minnesota Vikings. Malcolm Emmons-USA TODAY NETWORK. …
  • 1974 — St. Louis Cardinals. …
  • 1975 — Minnesota Vikings. …
  • 1976 — Minnesota Vikings. …
  • 1977 — Dallas Cowboys. …
  • 1978 — Los Angeles Rams. …
  • 1978 — Pittsburgh Steelers. …
  • 1979 — Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

What is the longest NFL field goal?

Matt Prater

Has an NFL overtime ever ended in a safety?

Only three regular-season NFL games have ever ended in overtime with a safety: in 1989 when the Minnesota Vikings defeated the Los Angeles Rams 23–21 when Mike Merriweather blocked a punt into the end zone, in 2004 when the Chicago Bears defeated the Tennessee Titans 19–17 when Billy Volek fumbled in his own end zone …

What percentage of NFL overtime games end with a touchdown?

In the NFL, 52.7 percent of teams winning the overtime coin toss (and receiving) win the game at some point in overtime, according to Ross Tucker of SiriusXM NFL Radio. In college football, the team that wins the coin toss (and defers) wins 54.9 percent of the time.

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How many NFL playoff games have gone to overtime?

Since that game back in ’65, a total of 30 NFL playoff games have gone into overtime. In those games, 19 times (63.3 percent) did both teams get an offensive possession. But it’s the 11 games in which one team did not have a possession that are shaping a potential change in the NFL’s overtime rules.23 мая 2019 г.