Best answer: What NFL fans are the most violent?

Who are the most aggressive football fans?

From fist fights to stabbings to thousands of fans doing battle on the pitch, here’s a list of the most violent fans in world football.

  • 10: AS Roma. …
  • 9: Sparta Prague. …
  • 8: FC Barcelona. …
  • 7: Millwall. …
  • 6: Partizan Belgrade. …
  • 5: Red Star Belgrade. …
  • 4: Galatasaray. …
  • 3: Universitario de Deportes.

Which sports fans are the most violent?

Click on to see the 20 most vicious home fans in sports.

  • Montreal Canadians. 8 of 20.
  • Dodgers Fans. 7 of 20. …
  • Jets Fans. 6 of 20. …
  • Sharks Fans. 5 of 20. …
  • Kansas City Chiefs Fans. 4 of 20. …
  • 49ers Fans. 3 of 20. …
  • Phillies Fans. 2 of 20. …
  • Dawg Pounders. 1 of 20. …

Who is the most hated NFL football team?


Why do Millwall have a bad reputation?

Millwall’s reputation goes way back and is rooted in its history whereby a majority of the population were employed at the docks, which was known for being physical, aggressive and ready to employ violence. So there was a large proportion of the crowd that came from a tough working environment.

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Why are football fans so aggressive?

Fans become emotionally attached to the teams/players they follow, love and enjoy to see playing. … They also get emotional sometimes when their icon is being compared with some other players. (Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi). This sometimes results in their violent behaviour or reactions.

Who has the worst NFL fan base?

Top 10 Worst NFL Fanbases

  • New York Giants Fans.
  • Atlanta Falcons Fans.
  • New Orleans Saints Fans.
  • Philadelphia Eagles Fans.
  • Dallas Cowboys Fans.
  • San Diego Chargers Fans.
  • New England Patriots Fans.
  • Detroit Lions Fans.

Is wrestling a violent sport?

Wrestling is a violent sport

At its core, wrestling is a violent contact sport. In order to eradicate the potential for head injuries, takedowns would have to be banned and wrestling would simply become unrecognizable, as Jim Guinta of the National Collegiate Wrestling Association told the Chicago Tribune…

What is spectator violence?

Spectator violence refers to any violent activity that occurs among those attending a sporting event. It can be directed at players, officials or fellow spectators.

What is the most loved football team?

Top five: Most popular NFL teams

  • Dallas Cowboys.
  • New England Patriots.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers.
  • Green Bay Packers.
  • Seattle Seahawks.

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What is the oldest NFL team still playing?

The Arizona Cardinals are the oldest team in the NFL and along with the Chicago Bears, is one of only two teams that were part of the inaugural NFL roster. While the franchise has been based out of Arizona since 1988, the Cardinals trace their history all the way back to 1898, decades before the NFL was founded.

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Who do Millwall hate most?

  • The rivalry between Millwall and West Ham United is one of the longest-standing and most bitter in English football. …
  • Millwall and West Ham have played each other 99 times competitively: Millwall have won 38, West Ham 34 and 27 have ended in a draw.

Who are Millwall’s biggest rivals?

Millwall have a long-standing rivalry with West Ham United. The local derby between the two sides has been contested almost a hundred times since 1899. The club also share a rivalry with Leeds United, and contest the South London derby with local rivals Crystal Palace and Charlton Athletic.

What are Millwall fans called?

Millwall Bushwackers