Best answer: Has there ever been a NFL game on Saturday?

Since 2012, the NFL has games on Thursday nights every season. Should there be a need for it, an occasional Saturday afternoon or night game, only in mid to late December, due to the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961. December Saturday games have been a part of the schedule every season since 1970, except for 2013.

Does the NFL play on Saturday?

As longtime NFL fans know, Saturday games aren’t uncommon at this point in the season. … The 2020 NFL season marks the 49th time in the last 50 years in which the league has scheduled at least one game on a Saturday with 2013 being the lone exception.

Why is there no football on Saturday?

It’s because of the Sports Broadcasting Act of 1961, which exempts the NFL from antitrust laws for its broadcasting rights. The act prohibits NFL broadcasts on Friday nights and on Saturdays “beginning on the second Friday in September and ending on the second Saturday in December.”

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Has an NFL game ever been played on a Friday?

Friday games are a little less rare – there have been 10 since the 1970 AFL-NFL merger alone, the last in 2009 – but never before had even five days been utilized on the weekly calendar during an NFL season, let alone all seven.

What channel is the Patriots game on Saturday?

New England had just 179 yards of offense against the Cardinals, including just 84 passing yards from Cam Newton, yet managed to kicking at game-winning field goal in the final seconds.

NFL schedule Week 13.GameTime (ET)TV channelPatriots at Chargers4:25 p.m.CBS, fuboTVBroncos at Chiefs8:20 p.m.NBC, fuboTVЕщё 10 строк

Who plays Monday Night Football 2020?

‘Monday Night Football’ schedule 2020Week 1 (7:15 p.m. ET)Sept. 14New York Giants vs. Pittsburgh SteelersWeek 10Nov. 16Chicago Bears vs. Minnesota VikingsWeek 11Nov. 23Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs. Los Angeles RamsWeek 12Nov. 30Philadelphia Eagles vs. Seattle SeahawksWeek 13Dec. 7San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo BillsЕщё 12 строк

Is the NFL going to play this year?

The NFL is planning to expand the regular season to 17 games in 2021 — a historic move that would generate new revenue and could at least slightly soften an anticipated drop in the salary cap next year, sources say.

Is it illegal to show 3pm football?

The football blackout is a rule which means no match from the Premier League, FA Cup or Football League can be televised between 2.45pm and 5.15pm. … The UK is actually the only country to observe the blackout of 3pm kick-offs on a Saturday.

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Is football season Cancelled for 2020?

No. The NFL regular-season schedule has not been impacted by the threat of the coronavirus. Only 2020 NFL preseason games, including the annual Hall of Fame Game in Canton, Ohio, have been canceled.

Why does the NFL only play once a week?

The artificial surfaces they use in many stadiums today are extremely high-friction. This friction is what causes sufficient wear to prevent NFL teams from playing more than one game a week or for more than four months.

Has an NFL team ever forfeited a game?

There have been no forfeits in the league’s history; a 1921 game between the Rochester Jeffersons and the Washington Senators is occasionally listed as a forfeit, but because of the lax cancellation rules of the time and uncertainty over which team (if either) was at fault for the game not being played, the game is …

Has any football team ever scored 100 points?

Neglecting games in the early 1900s, the Houston Cougars are the only Division I FBS football team to score 100 points against another FBS team, against Tulsa in 1968. The most lopsided game in college football history occurred in a 1916 contest when Georgia Tech beat Cumberland 222–0.

Was there ever a 0 0 NFL game?

Surprisingly the last 0-0 game was more than 70 years ago. It was played on 7 November 1943 between the Detroit Lions and New York Giants. The record of the game, though, was sparse.

What channel are Saturday NFL games on?

The early and late games on Saturday will be broadcast exclusively on NFL Network. Unlike the Thursday Night Football games which get simulcast on Fox and Amazon Prime Video, it’s only NFLN for these two contests.

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How can I watch the Patriots game tomorrow?

WATCH: Over-The-Air, Cable & Satellite TV

  1. Official Patriots App. Watch Patriots games live for free in the official Patriots app (iOS & Android) and on safari mobile web. …
  2. CBS. Watch Patriots games live on CBS. …
  3. FOX. Watch Patriots games live on FOX. …
  4. NBC. …
  5. ESPN. …
  6. NFL Network. …
  7. NFL Red Zone. …
  8. DIRECTV NFL Sunday Ticket.

What channel is the Bills Patriots game on today?

Bills on today? Time, TV schedule for Week 8 NFL game | Sporting News.

Sunday, Nov. 1.GameTime (ET)TV channelPatriots at Bills1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVTitans at Bengals1 p.m.CBS, fuboTVRaiders at Browns1 p.m.Fox, fuboTVЕщё 9 строк