Quick Answer: Is Ronaldo faster than Lebron?

Definitely Ronaldo. Although Lebron is a great athlete for his size, he does not match the explosiveness, straight line speed and agility of Ronaldo. Lebron is a freak among tall gangly basketball players, but he’d be to slow for a football player.

Who is more famous LeBron or Ronaldo?

Between the two athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo is the more popular one. Ronaldo has 227+ million followers on Instagram, while LeBron James has 67+ million followers. They are both among the highest-paid athletes in the world, with Cristiano Ronaldo placed higher on that list.

How fast is LeBron’s 40?

4.6 seconds

What’s the highest Ronaldo has jumped?


Can Ronaldo jump higher than NBA players?

Cristiano Ronaldo’s jump is higher than the average NBA basketball player, just one facet of an incredible athlete. … This enables him to reach heights of 44cm in the air from a standing start and 78cm with a run-up – 7cm than the average NBA player.

Who’s more famous Ronaldo or Jordan?

Member. Ronaldo is definitely more popular than Jordan ever was. Football is simply the most popular sport on the planet and it’s hard to fight with that even if you’re an outstanding athlete.

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Who are the fittest athletes?

Mat Fraser, CrossFit

For the fourth year in a row, 30-year-old Mat Fraser was named “Fittest Man on Earth” after winning the 2019 CrossFit Games, joining Rich Froning as the only men to come out on top at the event for four consecutive years.

What does LeBron bench?

LeBron James

James is listed as 6’8” and 250 pounds. However, a Sports Illustrated article by Chris Ballard featured NBA players and personnel estimating his weight as anywhere between 260 and 274 pounds.

What is LeBron’s vertical?

40 inches

Who is fastest man in NFL?

Tyreek Hill

Does Ronaldo jump higher than Michael Jordan?

Ronaldo’s jump higher than NBA average

To put Ronaldo’s leap into context, former Basketball star Michael Jordan holds the NBA record for a “vertical reach during a jump from running” at 116.8 centimetres. Ronaldo, according to researchers, was 71 centimetres off the turf when he met the ball.

Can you jump as high as Ronaldo?

Sometimes even his own team-mates are at the wrong end of Ronaldo’s jumping ability. Now, in this game, fans can attempt to head the ball at 2.88 metres, or 9.4 feet, where the Portuguese star’s jumps have been measured. The museum challenge is naturally called, “Jump as High as Ronaldo.”

Who jumped higher Messi or Ronaldo?

Earlier this week, Cristiano Ronaldo reached a height of 2.56 metres to score a header against Sampdoria. … Let’s do some maths: Messi’s leap was estimated to be at 1.04 metres which makes the total height of his jump up to 2.74 metres. We shouldn’t forget that the Argentine is 17 cm shorter than the Portuguese.

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How many inches can Ronaldo Jump?


How high can Hinata jump?

50 inches

How fast can Ronaldo run?

Ronaldo tops their list, having been clocked going as fast at 10.9 meters per second, or 24.4 miles per hour. Sub 10-second 100m runners are usually able to run over 26 mph at their top speed.