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Rest in peace?

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has this board died and i didn't realize it?

With the exception of Dawg daddy which is from Neverman, yes. Ville D s oldest son will be in HS next year so maybe more action. Us old guys that had it going are surprised at the low turnout of today's Varsity parents.

Some of us others are still here. It is VERY quiet in here, though, considering it's Football Friday.


--- Quote from: VilleDeal on September 03, 2017, 09:18:59 PM ---
has this board died and i didn't realize it?

--- End quote ---

It is dying...  I told Cody that I would pay for another year for the domain, hosting, etc...

If anybody else wants to chip in that that would be great.

The Varsity is 2-0; the JV is 2-0 and the Freshman A Team is 2-0.....come on Stephenville peeps it is time to make a little noise!


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